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Script to remove Inactive systems from domain

Posted by Awinish on November 11, 2010

Below is the very good script by Richard L. Mueller to find stale computer records in your domain, i used many times for different client & it worked like charm. It can be run on member server too.

You have to modify the script for your requirement like no of days & Domain name where you want to run the script.

The script will disable all the stale computer & move to the OU named as Inactive & later on you check the log file which is created in C drive named as MyFolder.

Test the script on your lab & then use it on your own risk.

Please save the attached script as MoveOldComputers.vbs from Inactive Computers.doc

Before running the script in your domain, create a OU named as Inactive & also create a folder names MyFolder in c drive in the member system you are trying to run the script.


Inactive Computers

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