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Archive for March 6th, 2011

Repadmin-Expert Cmd

Posted by Awinish on March 6, 2011

Do you know repadmin is the best tool for Active directory troubleshooting, editing or modifying but few knows there is something called repadmin /experthelp which shows you expert level cmd & it should be used with caution to modify any change in AD.

You might have used basic switches with repadmin like /showreps /showobjmeta /replsummary etc, but it has more to offer with expert cmd.

You know AD replication are based on per attribute basis, so if i want to see the all the attribute replicated with other dc, you can use repadmin /showobjmeta (cn=abc,ou=ouname,dc=corp,dc=cotoso,dc=com),it will show all the attribute replicated with the date, USN no & best thing is in order.

I remember the situation, where i wanted to track which DC has performed the password change & i used repadmin /showsobjmeta cmd & it gave me the complete listing.

To know more, take a look at below link.

Understanding Urgent Replication

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