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DNS recommendations from Microsoft

Posted by Awinish on March 8, 2011

Many forum/post, often i see a question, how to configure DNS in my domain controller, is primary point to itself or secondary DNS server, is it OK to configure loopback IP & what are the best practices etc.

I would not cover everything, leave for the below link to answer for you. Few things, i would like to mention

  • NEVER use public IP configured directly in the NIC either of the DC or clients.
  • Public IP(ISP DNS) used for external domain name resolution,should always be configured in Forwarder of DNS servers.

NedPyle from Microsoft has got recommended & best practices for DNS. So next time you aare confused or looking for best practices follow the below link.



3 Responses to “DNS recommendations from Microsoft”

  1. Dear Mr.Awinish,

    Could you please tell me, How can i make an additional domain controller as failover in windows 2008 Standard 64 bit??? If Primary is down , i need to switch automatically to secondary (Additional Domain)?? is there any Option to do that??
    2. I need to WAN to UP if Primary Domain is failure?? Any Option to do that??

    Thanks for your kind attention and looking forward your prompt reply in this regard.

    • Awinish said

      There is no such option available with AD and actually you don’t require it even. If the DC holding FSMO goes down there is no immediate impact. Its simple you can seize FSMO role on the other available DC and perform metadata cleanup for the failed DC and reconfigure it back and its pretty simple.

  2. Roshan said

    Hello Ashwin,

    I have recently upgraded my Domain from 2003SP2 to 2008R2, but after upgradation some of my clients are facing problems in accessing the SQL application and when i ping the SQL server FQDN it goes on internet to resolve the ip.
    When i use the command release and renew ip it works, is there any way to fix this problem.


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