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13 Responses to “Remove References of a Failed DC/Domain Or Perform Metadata Cleanup”

  1. selvaraj manoharan said

    Hi awinish,
    Really good topic and the way you guided is superb… Kudos… Keep posting on AD and exchange and SCCM.

    Selvaraj | +91-9986655633
    Future Looks Bright…

  2. Awinish said

    Thank you for the motivation.

  3. Insaf Muhammed said

    Great tips ya Awinish! Very useful and essential data for every domain admins as wells Active Directory enthusiasts.

    Keep up the good job!

  4. Awinish said

    Thank you.

  5. Biswajit said

    It owesome Awinish

  6. Awinish said

    Thanks Biswajit..:)

  7. Hussain said

    Excellent post Awinish,, you have cover everything about cleaning a failed AD which I really didn’t find them in any other blogs.

    I have quoted this in your Aarticle :
    Note: Once you perform the metadata cleanup of DC, don’t immediately reuse the same Hostname/IP of failed DC to configure it back to a new DC, because you have to allow changes to be replicated to all other domain controllers in the forest by allowing & waiting for atleast one replication to run. But if you got few DC’s & good bandwidth, you can force the replication using repadmin /syncall /Aped

    I have one DC in my environment now, Do I need to run the readmin or no need as there is replication partner?


  8. Zoddy Shah said

    Excellent Info I got , Thanks Poster.

  9. Niraj Pandey said

    Awesome Thanks !!

  10. Miguel Lopez-Henriquez said

    Thank you Awinish you save my life, but now I have a problem when I try to open Active directory Users and Computers sometimes, not ever, he said can’t find the domain controller, no errors in the event log after a while they open again. any ideas?

  11. Excellent !!!! I have an issue… So i seized the FSMO, performed metadata cleanup- demoted the 2003 Dc- rebooted and was out of the domain, I went to the 2012 DC and the AD is gone…. when i try to open it i get: ” the configuration information describing this enterprise is not available. the specified domain either does not exist or could not be contacted.”
    it appears what may have happened is I demoted the old DC before replication occured for the new DC to fully take over the FSMO roles transferred………
    This server is the owner of the following FSMO role, but does not consider it valid. For the partition which contains the FSMO, this server has not replicated successfully with any of its partners since this server has been restarted. Replication errors are preventing validation of this role.
    Advise is appreciateed….

  12. cyberman4ya said

    hello there, I had a problem with MS Server 2012, I had installed AD DS on this server but also wanted to add RDS services. After going through some blogs one of MS blogs suggested that I get to remote AD DS from this server first then install a patch that would allow the two to co-exist. my greatest problem is getting AD to work again, I have reinstalled the role more than 4 times and I cannot seem to get the AD working on this server. How can i redo the AD DS service before addin anything else on this server. I really need help with this one

  13. Rob Cone said

    Great article, thank you

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