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TOGAF 9 Certified

Posted by Awinish on May 13, 2015

Just wanted to share this news, I have completed TOGAF 9 certification. There are just 30617 folks across the globe with TOGAF 9 certification.

TOGAF 9 Certified 30617
TOGAF 9 Foundation 13157
Total of all TOGAF 9 Certifications 43774

TOGAF 9 Certified - Awinish Vishwakarma

7 Responses to “TOGAF 9 Certified”

  1. Jigs said

    congrats 🙂

  2. Prem Rana said

    Congrax sir….

  3. Alfredo Arias said

    Congrats !, Mr. how you prepare for this exam?.

    Luis Arias

  4. Bill S said

    Hey there fellow TOGAF-9.x guy! I got mine around the same time as you. Lord knows there wasn’t a whole lot to read in that million page mess they called a manual. I had a blast though, studying for the exams. I blew threw the Foundation, but the Certification was tough. Had to take Part-II twice, but I was using the depreciated manual, as I believe you must have been too, probably. I think I got my AE certification in Oct 2014. I did my studying in the garage, no classroom stuff. I read every single word of everything they had at the time. I came across it by accident and once I started reading the overview I just kept going. Took me a couple of months while I worked on my regular stuff, but it was fun. A real good read.

    I would appreciate it if you’d tell me how to get my Windows 7 Ultimate laptop to sync to’s time server. I’ve tried everything I can think of and I keep getting Access Denied errors. I can restart the laptop and run cmd as Admin and Net Stop W32Time (The Windows Time Service is not started) and /unregister (w32tm successfully unregistered) the service w32tm.exe, but I cannot /register (it just worked, but had been saying access denied) it afterwards (didn’t matter as it is still unable to sync and now it won’t even let me /unregister, access denied). Restart, same thing I’d imagine. Tried attrib everything, I’m guessing I need to shut down some other service, but I’m on a huge programming project right now (can’t restart actually) and while I may have been able to find the answer by now, you’re the first other real person I’ve met who is TOGAF-9.x certified. I had to say howdy! I’m way out in the sticks working over a pathetically slow satellite connection and I only have this one laptop. No cell service. LOL But I do know what time it is, haha. My laptop doesn’t though.

    Congratulations on the TOGAF Certification. It is a monumental certification. I’m also a four-time Novell CNE, a Novell Master CNE in connectivity (ironic I can’t connect to the freaking time server), and have a few other certs not worth mentioning. Been doing this stuff forever.

    Thanks in advance,

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