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About Me

I work as an Lead Solutions Architect for MNC involving various technologies. Primarily, focus is on solution planning & designing. I do have full time job and personal life dedicated to my loved ones. When, I’m not working/blogging, i prefer spend the time with family and friends. Few of my pastimes interests are listening to music, eating & sleeping…:-). My professional experience is around 9 years, which includes designing, migrating, restructuring, implementations, DR & BCP. I have worked with numerous enterprise client across the globe.

This blog is an effort to provide a platform to others to learn and enhance technically & professionally. I have been able to acquire my knowledge through various platform including online blogs as well. My core skills are solution planning designing & disaster recovery. I love to learn from others and contribute to others learning & growth through this blog.

I’m actively participating in MS Technet Forums & Experts-Exchange (timely participation) for Directory services & Exchange server on various issues..I would be obliged to receive any suggestions or feedback to improvise this platform. I would be updating my blog time to time with the newest article dealing with various platforms. You can contact me through Contact Me page at the upper right tab.

Note: Please do not spam, use only for contacting me not for selling products or advertisements.


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4 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Dheeraj Rai said

    nice to see your blog sir.

    • Awinish said

      Thank you for your comment Dheeraj, as i learned & wanted to give something back to technology, so others can gain too.
      BTW, its just a beginning & hope its worth for others too.

  2. Robert Stevenson said

    Hi Awinish,

    I’m a second year IT student at Auckland University of Technology, our major assignment for the first half of this year is on Optimal Networks and Management using MS AD. We need to research and come up with a possible solution (doesn’t need to be functioning as such) to any areas where AD can be improved. I’m looking at DNS, DHCP (including the management of IP Addresses) and MMC as the specifics of my focus.

    I’ve been posting this question at forums to get the expert’s thoughts:

    A question to all you network admins who keep DNS and DHCP wheel turning in your respective organizations. If you had a magic wand and you could improve ANY aspect of your current version of (or upcoming) DNS and DHCP, what would they be?

    It was suggested that you’re one of the leading experts in this and that I should certainly get your thoughts.

    Appreciate your time if valuable so don’t want to take it for granted, I would be grateful if you can give some of your personal and brief thoughts, it will be referenced back to you in the submission if you wish or it can be kept strictly confidential.