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Below is the link, where I’m participating to answers various questions on AD & Exchange related queries.

I have been Ranked as GENIUS in Active Directory.

8 Responses to “Recognition”

  1. Jigs said

    Expert Exchange site is very useful for me for troubleshooting in Exchange and this site is most advance.

  2. Awinish said

    Yes, EE is good but i found politics has started there too. Few people control EE & nepotism has been started there, so i moved to Technet which is better & judging the answers is preferably better.

  3. jigs said

    My winsxs folder size is above 8 GB in windows 2008R2.

  4. Awinish said

    WinSxs is same like system32 & it contains binaries which is needed when file is corrupted.
    Take a look at below & you will get more info.

  5. jigs said

    I was working as Exchange Admin on Exchange 2003 Platform.
    Now i need to upgrade my self to Exchange 2010. I am in dilemma Which book i read, And it will help me to learn installing, configuring and troubleshooting ex2010. And if you have good blogs site pls let me know.

  6. Awinish said

    There are so many books available like Exchange 2010 Pocket Consultant.

    There are so many guides/blogs/books available on Internet such as, , you just need to use google. MS technet is the best source.

  7. Congratulations for your new achievement, Awinish and thank you for linking in the transition guide from my blog.

  8. SENTHIL R said

    Hi awinish Ji,

    my name is senthil and wprking in IBM chennai .

    i have around 13years experience in windows and AD, now i have been supporting for US client for past 9 years with their customized setup.

    Now i would require your advice and guidance to recall and refresh my windows server and AD skill .

    Kindly share any tips to do regular practice and refer docs..


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