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DNS Resouces Repository

Posted by Awinish on April 9, 2013

Presuming, many of you are aware that DNS is the heart of the Active Directory(AD) & without proper DNS infrastructure it is not possible to design and setup good AD design. It is said that before mastering the AD, master DNS first because if you are able to setup DNS design perfectly, you have avoided most of the troubles for your AD.

I was searching for the some DNS information on the Technet & found a very useful link, which points considerable quality of the DNS resources. AT the right side of the page,  you can browse for Top DNS questions , recommendations for top the DNS issues,diagnostics etc. It also contains webcasts & useful videos for better understanding.

It includes resources for 2008 to 2003, tips for diagnosing DNS, designing, implementation etc.


Windows Server 2008 R2 Resources

Domain Name System (DNS)


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