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This space will provide selected solutions from TechNet Forum link.

Domain and Child Domain users cannot log to into each other domains when the WAN is down

Child domains and GPO

Inconsistent results querying AD using PowerShell and other Windows native tools

Load balancing replication connections across multiple DC’s at hub site

Kerberos – MIT and Heimdal

AD Design Infrastructure for five locations

Adprep on a W2k machine also running Exchange 2000. Trying to transition to W2K3 – getting various errors

Issue not able to promote windows 2008 R2 as an DC in windows 2000 environment

Additional account information(ACCTINFO.DLL) for Windows 7 x64 bit & 2008 R2

Restricting AD replication ports in windows 2008

Lingering object issues

Domain Local, Global & Universal group

DCPROMO fails because of FSMO roles…normal solutions not working

Windows 2008 R2 forest and domain functional level upgrade

LDAP traffic generating huge amount of network traffic

Exporting users, groups and their members from a currently installed and importing them to a new active directory (server 2003)

How to know which DC is being used for authentication on a server

Congratulations Awinish to achieve MCC

Troubleshooting account lockout issues

Hide Domain Users from each other

AD cross domain authentication, GC server

Script to enumerate Nested group

Fine Grained Password Policies discussion.

Troubleshooting AD replication

System state backup in windows 2008 using wbadmin(DSAMAIN).

Manage outlook photo through AD 2003 or 2008?

Excel AD report

Risk of Indexing AD Attributes


2 Responses to “MS Technet Forum”

  1. Mika said

    Hi Awinish

    You posted a comment on my technet thread recently, I have taken a look at your comment and I have followed your instructions in using the dsrevoke tool however I am having difficulty in getting it to work, I have replied to all commented on my thread I was wandering if you could offere further assistance with the problem I am having with AD…


  2. Awinish said

    Hi Mika,

    Let me test the tool & respond back to you at technet forum.

    I would request you to post all your comment to the “Posting for Blog Users”, where i can keep an history so other people can utilize instead of searching here & there in blog.