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Active Directory Replication Status Tool Released

Posted by Awinish on June 15, 2012

Few days back, Microsoft has released Active Directory Replication Status Tool which has capability to analyze the replication status of the DC’s in the domain & forests. You can fetch the report either to the Excel, XPS or any other. The tool can also filter the error, help you to select the scope of the forest or domain to be analyzed, point you to the online technet references.

Specific capabilities for this tool include:

  • Expose Active Directory replication errors occurring in a domain or forest.
  • Prioritize errors that need to be resolved in order to avoid the creation of lingering objects in Active Directory forests.
  • Help administrators and support professionals resolve replication errors by linking to Active Directory replication troubleshooting content on Microsoft TechNet.
  • Allow replication data to be exported to source or destination domain administrators or support professionals for offline analysis.

The tool ADREPLSTATUS can be downloaded from the below link.

Ned Pyle from DS Team has good write-up at the below link.

AD Replication Status Tool is Live

Few of the screenshot of the tool.





































4 Responses to “Active Directory Replication Status Tool Released”

  1. George said


    Thanks for sharing this update. Replication is certainly one of he mot critical areas of Active Directory, and so it is always helpful to be able to know exactly what’s going on with replication. Just the other day some of us were discussing the role of replication in Active Directory Security as well. It came up while discussing Active Directory Security Risks.

    I’m sure with the additional insight this tool provides, many of us will be able to get a better picture on replication. May be you can also share some thoughts on role and impact of replication on Active Directory Security.

    I didn’t know you were a Microsoft DS MVP! That is very impressive, and you should be proud of your accomplishment. I am sure it takes up a lot of your time and effort, so nice work again – keep it up!

  2. Steven said

    Thank you very much for this tool Awwinish and congrats on the MVP award once again – and thank you for all your help 🙂

  3. LowellP said

    This tool doesn’t work anymore. For some crazy reason “the license has expired”. Since when do free AD tools from Microsoft have expiring licenses, with no new tool/update available and no comment or notification as to if/when that will ever happen?

  4. Clayton Andrews said

    This tools looks really useful and it is a pity that the license has expired. Any links to a version that does not expire. I am having trouble with a Windows Server 2003 AD instance and would love to be able to use this for troubleshooting. Does anyone know of an alternative tool I could try?

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